Burn To Earn Programme

10,000 steps = 1,000 Fitness Credits

10, 000 Fitness Credits

5000 Fitness Credits

1000 Fitness Credits

0 Fitness Credits

5,000 Fitness Credits = 1 IFR
Collector’s First Edition InfiniteBand redemption rate:

0 Fitness Credits

10,000 Fitness Credits = 1 IFR
InfiniteBand redemption rate:

0 Infinite Fitness Rewards

Daily rewards of a maximum of 1,000 Infinite Fitness Rewards (10,000 steps).
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    How Do I Earn Fitness Credits?

    Wear your wristband and generate Fitness Credits with your steps. Walk 10,000 steps to earn 1000 Fitness Credits.

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    How to Claim Fitness Credits?

    Every day, total steps will be calculated at 00:30 (GMT+8), and the credits will be generated accordingly.

    Remember to tap ‘Click to accept’ on Home screen to claim your credits! The credits will be reflected within your InfiniteBand App account. Uncollected credits will be forfeited after 24 hours.

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    How Can I Use My Fitness Credits?

    Fitness credits can be converted into IFR. For owners of the Collector’s First Edition InfiniteBand, every 5000 Fitness Credits can be used to redeem 1 IFR. For owners of the following batches of InfiniteBand, every 10,000 Fitness Credits can be used to redeem 1 IFR.

    In the near future, IFR can be transferred to the InfinitePay application, our ecommerce platform.

    IFR can then be used to redeem items from any of our participating partners.
    We are in the midst of onboarding various lifestyle and F&B partners to our system. Follow us to stay updated about our online marketplace!

The more you walk, the more Infinite Fitness Rewards (IFR) you collect, the larger your reward gets.

This programme is effective as of 1 October 2019.

InfiniteBand FAQ

What is the InfiniteBand?

The InfiniteBand is a fitness watch that assists users in tracking exercise goals, sleep cycles, blood pressure and more. It is also the only way to participate in our Burn to Earn programme and receive fitness credits.

How long can InfiniteBand last?

A full charge of 1 to 2 hours allows 5 to 7 days of use. The battery is built-in.

How to switch on the band?

Tap the touch-sensitive area (metal area below the watch face) and hold for 3 seconds.

If that fails, charge the wristband first.

What is the Burn to Earn Programme?

Working out is hard work, and we want to reward you for taking the first step to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is why we came up with Burn to Earn, a twelve-month campaign that champions healthy living. The more you work out, the more rewards you will get!

Check back often for new updates on our Burn to Earn Programme, there may be more challenges for you!

What rewards do I get?

InfiniteBand owners will receive reward packs, sent to their InfiniteBand account. The fitness credits in your account can be used with any of our participating lifestyle and F&B partners.

As a thank-you to our first users, all Collector’s First Edition gears will receive a higher amount of fitness credits every month for twelve months. Get your limited Collector’s First Edition InfiniteBand today.

Who can participate in the Burn to Earn Programme?

Only InfiniteBand users can participate in the Burn to Earn Programme.

There are currently no participating partners.. Why should I sign up for the programme now?

We are currently working out the details with international partners to bring you the best deals.

In the meantime, why not accumulate those free rewards? The longer you participate in the Burn to Earn Programme, the more fitness credits you will receive!

What is the Collector’s First Edition?

The Collector’s First Edition is the original fitness gear launched by us. Other than bragging rights, pioneer users can unlock the premium Burn to Earn Programme.

Where can I get the InfiniteBand Collector’s First Edition?

We are currently holding the launch sales now. Once our merchandise is completely sold out, there will be no second sales for the InfiniteBand Collector’s First Edition.

Get it now, or regret it forever.