Dear InfiniteBand user,

Congratulations! It has been a year since the start of the InfiniteBand’s wellness programme, Burn to Earn. During this time, our database has shown remarkable improvement in user fitness activity, with the average steps taken for participants increasing steadily through the months. We are happy to declare the fitness campaign a success, and hope that taking part in Burn to Earn has helped motivate you to keep fit throughout the past year.

Please note that the Burn to Earn programme has ended as of 1st October 2020. Participants who have been syncing their bands to track their progress for the fitness challenge no longer need to do so.


Burn to Earn IFR Rewards
For participants who have earned fitness credits over the past year, please note that you will receive your rewards in the form of IFR. InfiniteBand has partnered up with Infireum for this incentivised fitness programme, and participants will be able to redeem their fitness credit rewards for IFR.


Project Partner
This project, co-managed with our strategic partner DOBI Exchange, has been facing several software and hardware issues, as some of you may already have discovered. Unfortunately, the DOBI developer team in China working on the progress of the InfiniteBand app has been hampered by several issues, namely:

1. China Cryptocurrency Clampdown: As the Burn to Earn programme rewards participants with IFR tokens, the recent regulatory scrutiny also played a part in the delay of bug fixes.

2. The DOBI Exchange has faced massive public distrust after their participation in the RET incident ( As such, they have been increasingly negligent in our partnership as they diverted their attention in an attempt to mend their damaged reputation in the market. After several long meetings with them, we have agreed to terminate the partnership after they see through the rewards distribution to completion.

3. AWS Hosting: The DOBI developer team, based in China, has been experiencing issues with Amazon Web Services, the cloud web hosting solution provider that InfiniteBand is hosted on. This could possibly be due to the escalating trade tensions between China and the US.


Compensation/ Reward by DOBI

1. DOBI is working closely with other exchanges to migrate the data.

2. DOBI will compensate each InfiniteBand user through the migrated exchange.

As a reward for participating in our wellness programme despite the hiccups you might have faced, InfiniteBand will distribute the maximum IFR rewards allocated for this programme to each and every participant. Essentially, you will be receiving 5000 tokens, worth an estimate of USD$200 (pledged at $0.04 per IFR token).


How to Receive IFR Rewards
Please note that our partner, DOBI, is currently managing the database. We have received confirmation that they are sourcing for a secure exchange offering low transaction fees, and making the appropriate arrangements for IFR to be distributed to each of you. Further information about the exchange will be disclosed at a later date, and we will notify you of the confirmed exchange within 60 days.

Despite the InfiniteBand support team’s efforts to communicate and rectify these issues manually, the software and hardware issues have not been resolved by the DOBI developer team even after constant pressure from our team.

The multiple attempts to retrieve the backed-up data on AWS were also unsuccessful, possibly due to US/China trade tension and curbs on Chinese entities.

As a result, InfiniteBand was unable to progress as quickly as we hoped, and the app had to be taken down from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. For current InfiniteBand users, you may continue tracking personal fitness progress by pairing it to the InfiniteBand-compatible IXFIT app. You can download the app here:



While the fitness programme and InfiniteBand project have officially come to a close, the InfiniteBand team hopes that participants continue their own fitness journeys, pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle with the help of your InfiniteBands. It has been a pleasure working for all of you. We would like to apologise once again for any issues that you have faced in the past year, and express our gratitude for your never-ending patience and understanding.

Keep moving to change the way you live.

The InfiniteBand team